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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Not only National Women's Day, but...

...tonight at 5 PM the curtain goes up on my medical school's first-ever production of "The Vagina Monologues". We didn't plan it for National Women's Day, but it works out nicely.

This is what you get when you dump a former actress into med school. I'm slowly poisoning the rest of the pond. *g* Anyway, send break-a-leg vibes if you're so inclined.

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I remember those monologues - haven't seen them in a long time. Hope you have fun break a leg!

Thanks! I'm getting those familiar opening night feelings. *g*

(Deleted comment)
Thank you!!

It all went well. I'll post an update once I've collapsed and recovered.


I've never seen the Vagina Monologues -- it's scripted, right? Because if I had to improvise about my vagina for any length of time, I don't think it'd go well. There'd be the embarrassing stories, and the rambling, the awkward silences, and perhaps some fainting. (all mine, not the vagina's. though the vagina is, of course, also mine. um. yes. *awkward silence*)

*clears throat*

Break a leg, Artemis-kun!

I so need to find an icon of that cat. *g*

Yes, it's all scripted. Not that that avoids the embarrassing stories, the awkward silence, or the fainting. *g* I think we kinds shocked a lot of the second-year guys, to tell you the truth.

Domo arigato, Catlin-sama.

Um, I did tell you that the little white cat is male, right? *g*

I'm surprised there were any guys there in the first place; women talking candidly about their bodies seems to embarrass most men (and women, for that matter).

And you got it wrong, Artemis-kun! You're *supposed* to say, 'Domo arigato, Mr Roboto'.

Oops, too late. :/

But! How did it go? I'm sure you stunned them all. *g*

It went pretty well! I'll post a fuller report soon.

And don't sweat it--I'm pretty sure opening night wishes are retroactively effective.


I got to see Eve Ensler perform the Monologues at a local theatre several years ago. AWESOME stuff. :-)

She was a lot of fun to watch, wasn't she?

We did it with a bunch of actresses, but I think it was still pretty effective.

*Nods* Eve was amazing. I also caught her special on HBO or Showtime (can't remember which one) but seeing her live and in person was even better!

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