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The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Good Or Insane

Absolutely unbelievable....

...finished Renal/Endocrine.


One block to go and then it's on to the wards. Do you people understand that I'm going to be a *doctor* in two more years?

This is totally nuts.


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Wheeee! *grabs you and dances like Snoopy*

I think it really just hit me. I'm thisclose to being done with the preclinical years.

It's quite an astonishing feeling.

LOVES snoopy dancing, especially in celebration of events like this. ;-D


Sometimes, the craziest things we do end up being the most important. It's nuts, and it's awesome. :)

Thank you!

It's good to be a little crazy.



(Deleted comment)
I'm always worried. *g*

Woot! indeed.

Wooooo Hoooooo!!! Very, very cool!


I meant to ask you, now that you're on my flist, to take a look at something. You have time for reading these days?

Let me know...artemis2050ATyahoo.com.

Ahh, fabulous!

Well done, Artemis-kun!!

I really really need to put together a squee-type icon. *g*

Mr. Darcy makes a good one, I must say.

Thank you!

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