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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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(no subject)

Normally I am only annoyed by spam, but every once in a while it's good for a laugh. I usually check my Bulk mail folder over before deleting it, because every now and then something slips past. I hereby nominate The Ultimate Pharmacy people for the most creative spammer names: I received two in a row yesterday from Molasses L. Hoarse and Recap K. Elsewhere.

Sounds like characters from an Anthony Trollope novel.

Got some of my second-year texts in the mail today! Pharmacology looks *so* interesting! Not. I think perhaps I should start making study lists *now*.

In other news, mostly just sitting around trying not to melt. They say over 90 for the rest of the week, ugh. We have one air-conditioned room, and I'm getting very bored with the walls in there. But I'd better turn off the computer before it melts. Its little fan is whirring like crazy.

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Awww, that hot, huh? Well, don't melt on me, babe. I like you too much. How about a shower fic with wolvie? *winks*

Becca, that's your answer for *everything*, isn't it?


Not a bad thought. I'll work on it.

And glad you like the icon.

Iconz is fun!

Becca, that's your answer for *everything*, isn't it?

That's cause you didn't write one yet. Heh. I'm haunting you.

Spam, spam, spam, spam....
Well yeah those are always after making you buy pharmaceuticals or like in my case get a larger penis. Now lord knows that I could use one while looking for a new job and negotiating for a fair salary.

Don't you want a larger penis? Now I'm surprised. *g*

By the way, love the icon.

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