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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Yay OMG Kermit

(no subject)

Wow! An anonymous friend sent me a box of virtual chocolates!

The very best kind. All the sweetness, none of the calories. *g* Thank you so much, whoever you are!

In other news...

I got ten hours of sleep last night. That's not a typo. I'd forgotten what that felt like, honestly. I'd actually been having mini-insomnia this week, for no really apparent reason, and I'd been coming home from our orientation for third year and napping for a couple of hours and then not going to bed until late, not being able to fall asleep and the whole thing would start all over again. So yesterday we finished up at around 3 and I thought to myself, "I'm not going home yet. If I go home, I'll nap. If I nap, I'll sleep in tomorrow. And Monday, I have to be awake."

So this is what I did: first, I went to see a totally unimportant but oddly enjoyable movie. I saw "The Devil Wears Prada." I'd liked the book, and they've changed it a bit, making it more of an Anne Hathaway vehicle--she's basically doing the semi-klutzy-but-terminally-sweet thing from "The Princess Bride" all over again. But Meryl Streep...god, she's good. And she's having a fine old time with this bit of fluff, and even gets in her sock-it-to-'em enotional moments, and she was well worth the price of admission.

*warning for the faint of heart from non-big-cities*

Movies in New York have now hit $11. That's not a typo either. More shocking than that is what they wanted for the popcorn. They had one of those combos, medium popcorn and a soda? It was TEN DOLLARS AND FIFTY CENTS. Are they kidding with this crap or what?

I didn't get the popcorn.

So after the movie, I headed for Filene's Basement. I needed to get some new shoes for starting rotations, because I tossed my last pair of basic/sensible black shoes during the move and now have nothing to wear with working-type clothes, which I have not had to wear regularly for the last two years but which are required for some rotations, like the one I start on Monday (neurology).

On the way I passed one of those little manicure places, and I thought, why not? So I got a manicure and a ten-minute massage. I don't think I've had a professional manicure since I went back to school.

Then I hit Filene's, and they were having one of those Sales of A Thousand Colored Tags, where if it's got an orange tag it's twenty percent off and if it has a lavender tag it's fifty percent off but if it has a red tag with a green dot on the back it's reduced to $10 flat and...and...and...

I had no idea how much anything was actually going to be by the time I got through, frankly, but I did know it was going to be CHEAP. Got the shoes I was actually looking for, got a new pair of running shoes which I also really needed (my old pair is so worn the plastic is coming through the back of the heel and rubbing my ankle raw when I wear them), four tops including a cashmere ribbed white turtleneck sweater that was part of the reduced-to-$10 part, a cool long black duster with lace on the collar and sleeves, and three pairs of pants.

The last pair of pants, I swear...is Prada. The first and probably only Prada piece I'm *ever* gonna own. But they were half off their marked-down price and even *then* they were the priciest thing I bought, but it seemed fitting. The whole trip only cost me just over $200, and now I feel like I won't have to worry that people are going to notice that I only wear the same three things for an entire rotation.

*phew* Okay, sorry about the shopping rant. I may go back later today.

I also may get my hair trimmed.

Then I came home, made a salad and heated a frozen pizza that we've started ordering from Fresh Direct (they're REALLY good), watched Jedge Judy on DVR and went to bed.

It was an utterly decadent day. And then I get up this morning and had virtual chocolates! Such concentrated awesomeness.

I think it's going to be a good weekend. *g*


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OMG. Shoes *and* a manicure *and* a fun movie *and* pizza? Best day *ever*.


she's basically doing the semi-klutzy-but-terminally-sweet thing from "The Princess Bride"


Or the Princess Diaries, even. *g*


I stand corrected. 'at's what I meant, darn it. And I know that just as I know never to get involved in a land war in Asia, or never to go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!

It's also "Judge" Judy, of course, but if I spend all my time proofing my posts, I will never have time for the finer things in life. *g*

Heya, followed you over from customers suck - hope you don't mind! Do you have an email addy i can send you a pdf of the hello Cthulhu chart to?

You are ever so welcome here, my dear! Goodness, you are the sweetest thing. Thank you so much!

My email is artemis2050 at yahoo dot com. Heaven knows if I'll ever get around to it, but my husband will die laughing if I ever do. I bought him a little stuffed Hawaiian Cthulhu once--it's wearing an aloha shirt, sandals and a lei--and he would get a real kick out of this.

Thank you! You are hereby friended.

You're welcome :D I'm glad I found out nooow that I didn't have it on my PC. It only took a short while to put it in, so it's easier to have it there now.

Ooh! I forgot to say, Feel free to change the colours on the bow and pants - i really just took the chart and got colours I liked :P

I'm sure your husband will find it hilarious! I showed it to a friend, when I first found the pattern and she loved it, then promptly forgot that I promised to make it for her. Lots of fun when I showed her the finished piece and reminded her that it belongs to her now

WooO! Off to friend you back :)

Any friend of Firefly is a friend of mine. ;-)

I see you're an Ozzie, so welcome, mate!

:D You can't go past Firefly!!

Thanks :D

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