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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Congratulazioni agli italiani....

...Désolé à mes amis français.

Yesterday afternoon I went into the deli downstairs from our apartment and I promise you, you could have loaded up a shopping cart and strolled right through the front door any number of times. *g* They were glued to the security TVs. Which were not showing the store, I promise you.

I can't believe this sport gets decided on penalty kicks. And sorry about the icon, but hey, football is football, right?

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Okay...totally random but:

The Van Gogh Batman icon - is it shareable?

Secondly, thought you might like to know that the Logan - "FREAK" icon was made by my buddy, pheral and she'd love credit for it. (She also has lotsa other neato keen icons...if you're interested in looking.)


Awesome! Thanks so much. I know wherever I got it didn't list a credit, because I always check. Will update immediately. And check her other stuff out. *g*

The Van Gogh icon is most certainly shareable--that one I got from a friend, but she didn't know who made it, so let's make a deal: if either of us ever hears from the maker, we'll let the other one know. Enjoy!

No prob. pheral has tons of neat stuff. *grins*

Okay, cool! I love it.

...and are you the one Megs said might be interested in an RPG?

I doubt it, because I don't even really know what that is. *G*

However, I'll assume you found my LJ in the first place because you're a friend of Megs's then? So official greetings and salutations. (I should've guessed from the FMA name and icon, really.)

Awww. An RPG is a role-playing-game on the computer (I was talking to you previously from one of my charas from the RPG. I'm now in my actual LJ).

Yes, I did find you from Megs but I also know you from the W/R lj. Soooo. *grin*

Oh, fer...you sneaky little wench. :-p

One of these days I'll get the hang of this whole internet-multiple-personality thing. Cripes.

How are you, anyway? I know I've been basically AWOL, but I was finishing third year. I have a week off. It's like...a dream. O.o


Multiple personalities are the thing, baybee. *nods*

AWOL 'cause of school is not a bad thing. *nod nod nod* AWOL 'cause of LIFE isn't a bad thing. *nod nod* AWOL just 'cause...well....

You wind out missin' out on things.

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