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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Rogue Tears

For tinhutlady

...the Bringer of Drabbles to us all. Once upon a time she wrote a lovely little L/R drabble for me and I, among others, thought it needed a companion piece. So here it is. *g*

Follow the link to the original: http://tinhutlady.livejournal.com/143934.html#cutid1

And then click here for the Take Two:

Rogue had ignored the fact that it was her turn long enough that several people all jumped in at once with comments. “Waiting for your luck to change?” “C’mon, chica, we ain’t got all night.” “Move it or lose it!”

She blinked once, shook her head and reached for the dice sitting in the middle of the Monopoly board. “Sorry, guys,” she murmured. “Lost track.”

She didn’t dare risk a look at the player who was sitting on the rug beside her, in case he had seen more than the others, much less a look towards the actual source of her distraction. Bobby might know why she’d hesitated, and Rogue didn’t want to know it if he did. She’d prefer to think her discomposure was concealed.

From somewhere in the darkened room behind her, maybe even in the doorway, she’d smelled cigar smoke.

And she didn’t know what to think, as usual, of the fact that Logan was somewhere near her, watching her, as he always seemed to be. She hadn’t expected him to play, but she didn’t know why—again—he was hanging around just to observe.

And she didn’t know when, or how, she’d ever be able to step away from the safety of this bright, shiny circle of friends and ask if she could be at his side, wherever he went—because she had no illusions about that not including uncertainty and change and loss, and she’d had so much of that in the last few years that she held onto childish games even more tightly.

But what she knew for sure was that if ever she turned around to find that he wasn’t there any more, waiting in the shadows, she wouldn’t be able to bear it. So she adjusted her little iron terrier, looked to see where the hotels and the Go To Jail square were on the board, blinked once more to clear her eyes of the tears that had filled them for a moment, and prepared to take her turn. Tonight, at least, he would still be there waiting when the game was over.

She breathed a prayer, and threw the dice.

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oh oh oh! Awwwwww.....
Man, that was good.
(happy sigh)


I'm so glad you liked it. *g*

Wench. Aren't you the one who stands on the principle of drabbles being ends unto themselves? Back, you plot-bunny-wielding witch!

Go read my new one on the LJ site or the archive. ;-)

New one?!?

And no, I never stand on principals, just my feet.
(grins and ducks)

Yes'm, a new one.

You have any trouble locating it? I'm trying, sweartagod.


(and she's using MY icon! *beams*)

Like this whole bunches.

Thank you!!!

And wait--your icon? You made that? I need to adjust my credit, if so. I adore this icon and save it for only special occasions. ;-)

You're welcome!

(hahahaha, no no, Rogue is! The terror of the Monopoly board - the evil little dog. *grins*)

*smacks forehead* D'oh!

Hee! It's my favorite too! I went through a cowboy-on-the-horse phase, but that was brief.

Want to hear a silly geeky med-school moment? I'm in radiology now, and we do these things in small groups where we get a packet full of X-ray films to look at and each has just a brief history, and we're supposed to look at the films and try and decide on a diagnosis. So this one film has the history "This is a patient in a mental institution who claimed to have swallowed razor blades. Did he?"

So we're staring at this film, and there are these...things...caught somewhere in the chest cavity, but they're clearly not razor blades--they don't look anything like razor blades. It looked like more than one, but they were all sort of lumped together.

Me: Am I crazy, or does that look like the dog from Monopoly?

Fellow student: What?

Me: It is! See, there's the head, and that thing coming off it is actually the top of the horse, and underneath it, that's the car.

Other fellow student: I don't see the car.

Me: It's upside down. See where it's scooped out? That's the top of the car.

Idiot swallowed three Monopoly pieces. That's how they ended up playing Monopoly, rather than the eternal Foosball games. ;-)

Idiot swallowed three Monopoly pieces.

Now that's hysterical. I love it.

ooooooh...me likes ;-)

Aww, so sad, Artemis-kun! And still so good. I love how saturated this is with insecurity and loss; so very *Rogue*, y'know?

But... why do W/R no longer get porny in your fics? Is it all this medical-ing? If so, GIVE UP, I tell you, PORN IS MORE IMPORTANT. Perhaps if you explain this to your fellow doctors, they would let you have more time off? y/n?

And speaking of -- er fic, not porn -- where is the fic you promised me? I came out of internet hiding for you, only to be brutally rebuffed. *sobs*

You are so right, dear heart. I owe you, big time. There shall be porn, medical school or no!

I have about two and a half pages. It turns out I am maybe not so good at that kind of porn, but you are going to have to decide for yourself, because that has just gone on the front burner. It will be finished, and soon.

Stay tuned. I promise. (But it would have been worth it to get you out of internet hiding anyway. *G*)

Edited at 2008-02-24 06:48 am (UTC)

How sweet and wistful. This was just a big ol' heaping bowl of "Awwwwww!"

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading it!

I like it but it's sad this whole not talking about their feeling.

So sad but it has the feeling that one day it could have a happy ending

(Deleted comment)
Well, bless your heart for stopping by and commenting!

Thank you so much for the lovely commentary. I have more stuff, should you be interested. It can be found at http://www.wolverineandrogue.com/wrfa/viewuser.php?uid=226.

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