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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Pet Dragon


Just had to say it out loud.

*God* I hate the Yankees.

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*God* I hate the Yankees.

I'll pass that along to the Big Ugly tomorrow at the Fens for you. Since, yeah, hate. A-Rod's big stupid purple lips and Jeter with the smirky fist pump. UGH. HAAYYYYYYYTE.

Oh, am I jealous. Have a cup of chowda for me and root for the knuckleballer!

You're probably at the game already. Must go turn on TV.

Hmmmmm ok we don't have baseball in this parts but we do know competition between our fave team and some other. Though I can't say I hate the rival team I just don't approve of them being all that smug cause of a silly goal, really what a stupid thing to celebrate. *would set their sits of fire if she had the power to do so*

They won? Yea!
(I didn't get the chance to control the remote last night...)

They won, and it finished with a strikeout of Derek Jeter.

I can'r really ask more of life than that. *g*

(Get the remote now! I think the game starts at one!!)

Will do! ;-)

I don't know anything about baseball, but in flist-solidarity, I totally agree!


Thank you! I hate them even more tonight, now that they beat the Sox.

We better get 'em tomorrow. Bah.

Good to see you around! Sounds like you've been absolutely crazed. I'm looking forward to exploring the new site as soon as I have time--got a quiz on Friday, so maybe right after that. But it looks great!

Damn Yankees!

I wouldn't trust 'em as far as I could throw 'em.


(how's that? ;)

And yeah, I've been a little busy. Not quite as busy as, oh, say, a med student *g* but busy nonetheless.

I'm glad you like the site; I feel a vague sense of accomplishment, and a vast sense of relief that it's done.

Now I'm free to do other fannish stuff. Like *reading* your fic at long, long last! Yaaaay fic!
::attempts a cheerleader-like move.::
::fails miserably::

Hmph. I never liked cheerleading anyway.

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