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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Pet Dragon

Move Over, Don Denkinger

Okay, I don't even care about these teams, and I'm pissed.

See, I've been a fan for a while.

There are teams I love and teams I hate, players I root for no matter what Evil Empire they're on this season (sorry, Al Leiter), but there are always two things I consistently say I never want to see.

First, I have very low tolerance for watching people get hurt. On purpose anyway. I understand a hard slide into second and I understand keepin' 'em honest on the inside part of the plate, but spike someone ten feet out of the basepath or throw at someone's head (you listening, Clemens?) and you will really get me mad.

And second, I absolutely hate watching a game get decided by an umpire's call. Even there, one tries to admit the honest mistake or two will creep in. You just hope they don't happen with the game on the line. And sometimes it's just really no one's fault. Richie Garcia kicked the call when that kid took the ball out of Tony Tarasco's glove, but hell, he had to be running out to the outfield to make the call in the first place. Eric Gregg was, shall we say, working a wide strike zone when he rang up what was it, 18 strikeouts in a NLCS? (Crime Dog may still be standing there at the plate.) And Denkinger...well, we all saw the picture. The man called a guy safe when the ball was in the glove and the runner still two feet off the bag. But at least he was trying to make a call that was in front of him. Everyone blows a few. It's just a shame that it had to be in a situation where it ended up having a bearing on the outcome of the game, and an important game at that.

This crap last night? It's worse. You have to make the home run/out call. You have to make the pitch a ball or a strike. You have to make the safe/out call at first.

You do not have to make a dropped third strike call unless you are absolutely, positively sure that the catcher dropped the ball. And there is absolutely, positively no goddamn way that Doug Eddings could have seen anything definitive. The ball was under the glove, in front of the catcher. Does Doug Eddings suddenly claim to have X-ray vision? In any event, Josh Paul didn't drop the ball. The magic cameras they seem to have in the umpire's room must be on Dreamworks' network.

It was a bullshit call all the way, and because it was not a required call, as I understand it, he could have asked for help. Instead, he made a clear out call (regardless of the crap he and his fellow umps spewed at the press conference) and thoroughly confused everyone on the field, refused to back down on the decision, refused to appeal to the third base umpire, and basically gave the White Sox four outs in the inning.

I don't care how much tap-dancing went on during the press conference, the only man in the stadium whose stomach sunk further than Kelvim Escobar's when that ball hit the dirt in left field was Doug Eddings. Sure, they still had to get the hit. But he was the one who put the bat in their hands, one extra time. You're not supposed to get 28 outs in a game.

Other things being equal, I'd love to see the White Sox get one. They've suffered a long time and no one's even seemed to notice.
*g* But I absolutely hate seeing it happen this way.

Go you Angels!

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Yeah, I heard about that 18 inning monstrosity. I heard Clemens redeemed himself.

Well, as far as I'm concerned he won't have *redeemed* himself until he publicly apologizes to Mike Piazza, but he made up for the lousy outing earlier in the series. *g*

That guy just bugs me in a really serious way. He's a great pitcher, but I just have a real problem with anyone with that kind of power who goes headhunting. (And pouts. And names all his kids things that start with *wince* the letter K.)

It was some game.

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