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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Phantom tag

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Posednik, you *suck*.

I mean, you suck big donkey balls.

I cannot *believe* these guys won another game on a blown umpire's call. The ball. Did. Not. Hit. Him. Wipe the rain off your glasses and take a look at what's in front of you!

Kee-rist on a crutch. This is some kind of karmic retribution for 1919, right? We should just elect Joe Jackson to the Hall of Fame already?


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(Deleted comment)
I am saying this, not to be pedantic, but because baseball is the sole area of my life where I am totally superstitious.

The Astros can't go on a tear in the Astrodome, because they don't play there any more. Would it be at all possible to adjust your Zen-like vision to a nice trouncing at Minute Maid Park instead? Please send all potential karmic, astral, voodoo or other assistance to that address.

You think Nolan Ryan might be available to pitch? He's usually in the stands.

(Deleted comment)
I am fully confident that the Astros will go on a tear upon returning to Texas

Ironically, I've been thinking the Astros' kickass bullpen would be their edge over the White Sox, and in the first two games, they've hit better than I expected -- but their bullpen has given it up both times. ::headdesk::

I fully expect them to play much better in Texas, but someone needs to put Lidge's head on straight -- he was shaky in the LCS (game three = gives up one run before closing game; game four = barely escaping with one-run lead due to really kickass double play; game five = Pujols), and last night was not encouraging. UGH.

C'mon, 'Stros, dammit! ::g::

(Deleted comment)
I'm just going on pigheaded optimism that the team I'm rooting for will win it all.

Heee! That worked very well for me in 2003, when I was bitter, bitter, bitter, and more bitter, and rooting for the Marlins out of sheer spite, without knowing a blessed thing about the team. ;) So, yeah, sheer, stubborn optimism works, too.

Go, 'Stros! :)

Well, see, they tore the Astrodome down about four or five years ago...*g* And it was a really terrible place to play baseball--all the domed stadiums they built around that time were. I used to have to go to games at Three Rivers Stadium (not domed, but still) and boy, it sucked. They all had artificial grass (Astroturf!) and you could never see the field. The new field is much, much nicer.

But wait just a cotton-pickin' minute here, Dixie girl.

Red Sox = Fenway. Cubs = Wrigley. White Sox = Comiskey (even thought it's now technically US Cellular Field or whatever now).

So far I'm with you. And even though technically it's a "new" Comiskey Park, but I can live with that.

Braves = Turner Field.


The Braves played at Atlanta Stadium, or I guess they called it Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium, until 1996. Then The Ted "donated" the new stadium for the Olympics so the Braves could play in it afterwards (and so Jane Fonda would have a place to sleep comfortably in the box seats). Only then did it become Turner Stadium, and even then there was some back-and-forth, IIRC, because as an Olympic stadium I think it was called Cenntenial Park and a lot of people wanted to keep it.

I'm not doing much to undermine my burgeoning reputation for pedantry, am I?

Sorry. Carry on. Go 'Stros!!!

(Deleted comment)
I was thirteen in 1996.

Oh, stop rubbing it in. *g*

I've pretty much blocked out '95 and '96 since that was when my mom was forcing me to go to Cotillion.

Cotillion as in St. Cecilia's? 'Cause if so...dude.

(Deleted comment)
Why would they rebuild it and still call it the Astrodome if the 'Stros weren't even going to play there?

They wouldn't. You're right, of course--I should have remembered that. They've just been blowing up so many of the other ones. *g* I guess I got confused.

However, the 'Stros still don't play there. I'm not sure if it's used for football. Houston has one of those strange new reinvented teams that took their old team's name and then--I believe--changed it. Not sure what's up with that. *g* But if someone has time, they can look up who they are and where they play.

And just in case--this icon is Hank Aaron. You know about Hank Aaron by now, yes? *g*


(Deleted comment)
Yes, I know who Hank Aaron is. He played for the Braves *sticks out tongue* and hit more homeruns in his career than anybody, ever.

Very good. The picture is just as he hit #715 to finally pass Babe Ruth.

Unfortunately, if Barry Bonds comes back next year he's going to break the record, and...ugh.

Good bar bet: you can ask people what professional baseball player hit the most home runs, and everyone will say Hank Aaron. The technical answer is a guy named Sadaharu Oh, who played his whole career in Japan for the Tokyo Giants and hit, I think the number is 812 but I wouldn't want to swear to it.

I don't recommend putting money on this, but it's a great way to start conversations with cute guys. *g*

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