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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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(no subject)

You know how they say there are no atheists in foxholes?

There are no atheists among medical students who are about to click on the email telling them whether they've passed the latest block, either.

Apparently there are Gods of Medical School, however, because I just PASSED this hellacious block.

*sinks to floor in inestimable relief*

There are no words.

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Congratulations, hon! I'm sure you worked hard to get it. :P

Oh, I worked. You have no idea how hard I worked. But it was one of those Red Queen things where it felt like the harder I ran the less I was even able to say in the same place. *g*

Thank you!

*twirls you*


*spins happily*

Thank you!

But jj--where on earth did you get that icon, and why did you use it for this? Did you do that on purpose? You knew what we were studying?

If that's a coincidence, I'm really scared. *g*

The icon? It's been in my user pics for two years and I've never used it once. Don't remember where I found it, some Google search ages ago. Grabbed it and cropped it 'cause it seemed vaguely Rogue-related and thought I might use it in that context some day.

I seldom remember to choose anything other than the default user pic, and this was the only medical-seeming thing I had, so voila! I picked it. You telling me this means something? *lol*

Um, yeah.

Go here.


This is a student-run review site, but it seems like the best way to answer your question. We just finished "Triple I"--Immunity, Inflammation and Infection.

Be sitting down when you look. *g*

Whoa! *boggles*

How weird is that?? *cue Twilight Zone music*

(Deleted comment)
Prayers? I went straight to the animal sacrifices. *g*

Thank you ever so much. It's a huge relief.

Yea!!! (hugs you hard) Congratulations!!

Thank you!!

It felt wonderful for a whole night. Then we started Heme/Onc.


(pats poor head)
You'll make it!

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