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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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Wow, you people are good....

...I passed!

Another ridiculous milestone gone. If you'd all shift back to idle, I'll be needing you again on or about December 20th.

You know, med school is all about cramming this stuff in as fast as you can. I have no idea how I'm ever going to *remember* any of this ever again.

We had an amusing moment in lecture yesterday. We've started GI--that's Gastrointestinal. And we had a guest lecturer who came in with some cool videos of endoscopies and stuff--he was joking that "if you like video games, GI is for you!". And he'd just had to take he recertification for the boards. (That's another depressing thing--you absolutely never stop taking tests.) And he kept saying, all through lecture, "There's something they always ask on the Boards! Remember that for the Boards!" Then, finally, at the end, he said, "You know, you'll never see a case of this, or this, or this. I've been in practice fifteen years and I've seen one case of this. You'll be treating people for GERD(ed. That's GastroEsophageal Reflux Disease) every day, and they never ask questions about it. Why is that?" Then he answered his own question. "Because they figure if you know all the trivia, you must know all the important stuff too!"

We laughed so we wouldn't cry.

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*gives gold star*

Thank you!!

*pastes on Heme/Onc notebook*

they figure if you know all the trivia, you must know all the important stuff too

For recertification this is completely true, and


... and supported by careful statistics. See Acad Med. 1993 Dec;68(12):912-9. Funny but true.

Well, hello, whoever you are.

Thank you for the citation! I'll check it out as soon as I get a chance--that particular journal isn't in our online access, so I'll have to actually look it up in the archive.

In this day and age, too....*g*

Yay you! I am, of course, not surprised AT ALL -- what with the brilliance, and whatnot -- but I am very, very pleased! For you.

And, um. I'm gonna drink some soda or take some uppers or something before my punctuation gets even worse. *g*

Yay for Jayne icons, too!

Nice to see you around, however briefly. *g*

Teh sweetness. Knew you could do it. And I shadowed a Gastro back in high school - had to be one of the most fascinating experiences of my life (until they pulled the tube out and all the air came along with it) and it really was like playing a videogame.

You don't mind if I steal a few of these people when OT starts rolling around, do ya? *g*

No, no, I'm sure they'd all be happy to help. It's an all-volunteer karmic force.

Yeah, but do you really want to *go* to a doctor who thinks he's playing a video game?? *boggles*

(Deleted comment)
I hope you've been patting yourself on the back.

I've been clutching my heart and fanning my face, actually. *g*

And then make someone ELSE vacuum it up. Preferably a good-looking fella that you can enjoy watching in his domesticity. ;-)

Ooo, yes. And can he do housework shirtless while he's at it?

YAY! Congratulations! :)

hah! fellow med-knob! :)

i just followed your wolverinerogue post to find the first part of the story before I read the bit that's posted there atm... because i'm procrastinating for studying for my paediatrics exam tomorrow!

hee! *overzealous sense of kinship*

our exams in GIT were pretty good - they ask the common and important stuff so they can pass you, then the obscure stuff so they can stratify you.

Hey there!

Yes indeed. Always nice to hear from another denizen of the medical trenches. *g* I take it you're either third or fourth year? Hope the peds exam went well. Is that what you want to go into?

And naturally, always pleased when I can provide procrastination--I mean, needed relaxation from the rigors of studying! Yeah, that's it!

GI isn't bad so far. I think we're all just a little shell-shocked from Heme/Onc, which was just dreadful. *g* They asked obscure stuff, all right. I think it was less about stratifying us than burying us. They had to curve the test--not at all a usual thing--which pretty much says to me that they weren't asking very good questions.

Ah well. We asked to come to med school, right?

We asked to come to med school, right?
so very long ago... *blinks out at the harsh light of day*

I'm actually a 5th year - but this is because I'm doing undergraduate medicine and it's in Australia - so I understand that's a bit different course structure to American. We don't have premed here. Postgrad's 4yrs, and undergrad is 6 yrs - so I've got 1 more year to go! 1! *jumps excitedly*
... and then of course I've got the years of resident workload and timetables to enjoy :D

Paeds went well - but I don't know that I want to do it. It's a lot better than obs&gynae though. Don't know what I want to do at the moment. So many choices! you?

Ooh - curving the grades - the last resort of the desperate faculty.
which pretty much says to me that they weren't asking very good questions.
... or that they've decided to let unsafe students continue - but that's still their fault for poor teaching. ;)

Now I must watch Scrubs before prepping for the women's exam tomorrow!
If I find the episode where the obs&gynaes try and get Eliot to join them, it's technically study. :)

Ah! We have programs like that too...7 or 8 years beginning with undergrad. I wasn't one of the whiz kids who was certain that early that this is what I wanted to do. *g* In fact, I went off and did something else for quite some time before I came back to medicine. Did what we call a "post-bacc" to finish off my pre-reqs and then applied. So...in the second of four years of med school and then on to residency, etc., etc.

... or that they've decided to let unsafe students continue - but that's still their fault for poor teaching. ;)

I hope not. *g* We have this complicated system in place that's supposed to make sure that's not it--they curve if the median minus 1.65 times the standard deviation falls below the "normal" pass line. Fortunately, I'd have passed without it. *g* This time. *faints*

All right, off to lecture. I'm spending the afternoon listening to one of the more boring professors talk about protozoal infections and nematodes. Whee! (But he's the head of this block, so I sort of feel like it's good form to show up.)

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