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Pet Dragon


The Meaning of It All

or, There and Back Again

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River See You

Oh, this and that...

...since it has been recently borne in upon me that I *never* post.

Here are a few things you might see in this space in upcoming days:

1. I recently had the great privilege to attend The Amazing Meeting 4 in Las Vegas (TAM4). This is run by the James Randi Educational Foundation, whose website can be found at http://www.randi.org/ (and everyone should go look at it immediately). Mr. Randi is a professional magician who has made it his business for the last forty years or so to try and keep the quacks, shysters, TV evangelical freaks, so-call psychics and other assorted assholes from making a living. If you've ever watched Penn & Teller's Showtime series Bullshit!, you'll love this guy.

There were an amazing (pun intended) bunch of speakers at TAM4, and I want to write up my impressions of all of them. For now let me just say...

2. Las Vegas? Scaaaaaary place, man.

3. General bleating about medical school. Sorry, I know, but it's a fixture.

4. Fiction! I think, for those of you who actually have memories going back that far, that "Verona" is really going to be finished at last. It's been a very long hiatus, but I finally realized what I was doing wrong. Now it's all scribbling, or finding the time for scribbling.

5. Cheering for the Steelers! Come on, y'unz gotta root for my Stillers. Go Black and Gold!

That is all.

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James Randi? Sure! Must have been lots of fun to see him in action. (grins)

Will cheer for steelers, but will sadly not be in front of a TV for the game. (sighs heavily)

James Randi is a fabulous speaker, performer (he levitated astronaut Ed Lu for us--more on that later) and all-around great guy. (And so *cute*!)

Steelers just got shut out in the first quarter. I think we're just trying to get them over-confident.

*didn't say anything*


Didn't say anything about what? *g*

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